Drone cinematics

Discover the next generation of drone cinematics, FPV drones.

Beside our regular drones we use the FPV cinematic drone, equipped with a GoPro that is suitable to film up to 5K resolution. Need an even higher resolution? No worries, we got your back with our cinelifters, suitable to carry a fullframe camera like the RED or Sony Alpha series.

Thanks to FPV we are capable of capturing cinematic shots like never seen before.


we fly trough trees, skim mountain ridges and dive waterfalls.


we fly through office spaces, hotels, factories, … with our tiny cinematic drones we show daily life with a one-take video.


speed, dynamic movement, and passion for the sport, our drones capture it butter smooth in the highest resolution possible.


create the unseen perspective of your festival sites, fireworks and stages with our in- and outdoor drones


our drones create the cinematic feel you want for a stunning commercial. Flying close to the subject, capturing every detail? We got you.


We make it possible to capture shots from an aerial perspective in 4K resolution, not enough? We are capable to carry our fullframe camera up in the sky with a stunning 60 MP image quality. For these projects we work with professional and licensed drones | drone operators, making sure you get that perfect shot.

3d mapping


High resolution imagery and in house processing allow us to produce a variety of Professional Geo-Information and 3D Data products.

Flight Planning and Execution can be carried out with exact reference to existing Client Data layers, ensuring seamless matching of historical and new Data.
Large datasets such as Point clouds and Mesh models are produced with scale accuracy of We have the ability to present complex UAS acquired datasets in a simple 3D environment that is compatible with any AutoCad or similar software data, simplifying the visualisation and analysis;

2D and 3D photogrammetric data is typically requested by clients for the following applications:

Volume measurements

GIS analysis




Wind turbine inspections

| Wind turbine inspections | UAV systems are the tool to carry out safe and efficient Inspections of Wind Turbines with the need to long down time or costly and dangerous intervention by manned Rope Access Teams.
Working in direct contact with Control Rooms and Asset Managers, Dutch Drone Company can carry out multiple object inspections in a single day with live, on-site data analysis.

Buildings and structures

Safe, and reliable inspections for a wide variety of industries with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) offers unprecedented possibilities in a limited amount of time. High Resolution Sensor data achieves multiple Inspection goals in a single operation, coupled with fast-processing and Cloud Presentation of Data in simple timeline format. Whether planning and carrying out Maintenance or managing New Construction a UAV survey program merges seamlessly with, and follows your project from day one to completion; producing live data enabling constant monitoring and analysisd.

Infrared and multispectrum

| Infrared and multispectrum | UAV multiple payload platforms allow us to implement many types of Sensor in our Operations, acquiring Data not accessible through other means. Efficiency of Solar Energy Installations, Thermal Energy Loss, Friction visualisation and Gas Detection data all acquired safely and efficiently from the air


Security is all about quick response and deployment, that’s why drones are the future of security. Equipped with a thermal camera and an on-board flight route they can scan big places in no time. You are organizing an event and need a trained eye for crowdcontrol? Thanks to our tethered solution, our drone can stay in the sky for up to 2 hours.

Build on demand

Sometimes you need a special drone to fly at the most challenging places, a drone that the commercial market can’t offer you. Thanks to 3ddrone’s in house shop, we are capable off building the most stunning drones on request.